Attorneys B’Ivory LaMarr and Ben Crump Join Rev. Jesse Jackson to demand a Federal Investigation in Jelani Day Case

Months after the disappearance of Jelani Day, an Illinois State graduate student, the Day family believes that local investigators have become less than transparent with answers as to how Jelani Day has become missing and ended up in a town in Peru, IL, about an hour north of ISU. Jelani’s body was found on September 4, 2021. Despite reports that Jelani is suspected of drowning, The Day family insists that Jelani was murdered. Attorney’s LaMarr and Crump called on the FBI to take a more active role and lead the investigation as they have in the Gabbi Petito case. Attorney Crump donned that Jelani Day will be the face of “Black and missing in America.” Attorney LaMarr echoed and stated that as it relates to the FBI, “local authorities don’t need simply a helping hand, we need both hands.” Anyone with information regarding Jelani Day’s missing is urged to come forward.