All Americans deserve an equal playing field. Under the Bill of Rights, key federal laws including the Civil Rights Act of 1964 every person in the United States has critically important civil rights.

These rights offer legal protection against unjust treatment. Civil rights violations have occurred in the past, and they continue to occur in the present day.

Our dedicated Houston Civil Rights Attorneys are proud to be strong legal advocates for every person and every community. We possess several years of experience handling the full range of civil rights claims. Please do not feel any hesitation in contacting us if you or someone you know has ever had their civil rights violated in Houston.

What are
Civil Rights?

An individual’s civil rights are guaranteed by the United States Constitution and stand at the core of American democracy. Our legal team works hard for every individual who has ever been abused or wrongfully fired for exercising his right to freedom of speech. We want to make sure that justice is served to everyone and that all the civil rights violators are held accountable. Additionally, we take great pride in providing a voice for victims of prison rape, and have successfully obtained justice in a number of these cases.

Cases our Civil Rights Attorneys Handle

The types of cases our Houston Civil Rights Attorneys handle include:

Racial Discrimination Lawsuits

If you have been denied equal treatment based on race or country of origin, you need to discuss your situation with a civil rights lawyer. All the victims of racial discrimination can file a lawsuit as it will aid in ending all the discriminatory practices in Houston, and also help them in getting compensated for the damages that they suffered.

Gender Discrimination

If you suspect that your gender is the reason you have been denied equal protection, treatment, or access, we are ready to help you decide the best way through which you can get justice. Decades of federal laws are in place to prevent discrimination on the basis of gender or sex, but that doesn’t mean that violations can’t occur. It means you need an experienced gender discrimination lawyer who knows which laws best apply to your case, and how to move forward to obtain compensation or a legal remedy to your situation. The federal laws intended to prevent gender discrimination include:

  • Civil Rights Act of 1964
  • Equal Credit Opportunity Act
  • Family and Medical Leave Act
  • Equal Pay Act of 1963
  • Pregnancy Discrimination Act
  • Title IX of the Educational Amendments of 1972

False Arrest

To keep the public safe, we place a great deal of power in the hands of our officers. But to maintain our freedom and civil rights, we place well defined limits on how and when the police can use that power. Many times, police officers overstep those limits and make an arrest without the proper legal justification. It’s also often the case that these overreaches of police authority occur disproportionately in minority communities or neighborhoods. If you have been subjected to a false arrest, with the support of our civil rights lawyers you have options and may be entitled to compensation.

Wrongful Conviction

It must be noted that personal freedom is the most basic civil right and must be guaranteed to every individual. It is so foundational and important that we require the highest standard of evidence for incarceration, proof that is beyond a reasonable doubt. But the system fails too often. Sometimes the innocent people are wrongfully convicted because of unfortunate or negligent events, which lead to lost months and years. If you have been wrongly convicted of a crime, you are entitled to compensation for your lost time, wages, and more. 

Police Brutality Cases

Police brutality, which is a blatant violation of your civil rights, is the unjustified or unnecessary display of force by the police against civilians. If law enforcement officers cross their limits, not only for any injuries and damage you or a loved one have sustained, but also for potential victims of police violence and excessive force, they must be brought to justice. When a catastrophic accident or death is caused by excessive force, attack or a wrongful police shooting, our Civil Rights Attorney actively reviews cases against police forces across Texas.

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