Storms must not be taken as nothing, since they can cause major destructions.

Storms can completely destroy your home along with all your beloved assets, and drain you financially. In short, storm damages can turn your life upside down, which can be very unpleasant. This is particularly true when you’re dealing with an insurance company that is more concerned with their bottom line than with helping you after a disaster.

Hail storms, wildfires, hurricanes, flooding and tornadoes take place throughout the year, so how can you protect your home from damages? If your home or your possessions have sustained a hurricane, tornado, hail, wind damage or any other disaster and you do not believe you are getting the compensation your insurance policy calls for, it is crucial to contact an experienced Houston storm damage attorney.

Types of Storm Damage
in Houston, TX

Storms often cause significant property damage, including:

  • Roof damage: Storms can easily damage shingles, tiles, and also rip off the roof completely, thus exposing the home to wind and water.
  • Lightning: Make sure to contact the fire department immediately when lightning hits your home. It must be noted that lightning can cause a lot of damage to the electrical wiring of your home, and also lead to a fire or structural damage. Moreover, it can damage the property as well.
  • Hail damage: Strong storms usually lead to hailing as well which can cause dents to vehicles and break glass windows. Moreover, hailing can damage your house as well. Make sure to inspect your house after a hail storm to check for any damage to your property. Closely inspect everything since hail damage may not be visible at times. Hail damage can lead to dented or cracked shingles, bent roof vents and holes in the siding also. You may also call a professional to inspect your property in detail after a hail storm.
  • Wind damage: Heavy winds such as tornadoes and thunderstorms can cause severe damage to your house and can be very scary. Make sure to be under a shelter and avoid going near power lines or falling trees. High winds can cause major damages to you and your property as well.
  • Water damage: Continuous rainfall and flooding is normal in Houston, which can cause water damage to a lot of houses.

Storm Damage Claims

After a storm, it is crucial that you keep as much documentation of the damage as possible, include taking photos of the damage that is caused to the property, determining estimates of the loss, and saving all receipts. When speaking to your adjustor, have copies of all of these and record all conversations with your insurance adjusters. Sometimes what happens is that insurers may deny covering the monetary damages instead of helping you rebuild the house. In certain situations, insurance companies may offer to pay far less than what you are entitled to receive. These tactics are simply a part of doing business for a lot of insurance companies. They know that a certain number of people will just give up and accept whatever they say. If you are in the same position, then it is important to enlist the services of a knowledgeable lawyer.

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