​Sports and entertainment companies and individuals face a wide range of complicated and specialized concerns

Including signing contracts, borrowing; acquisition of production and rights; contract formation and disputes; media rights; compliance of intellectual property; regulatory and administrative issues; and development of stadiums and arenas. 

It is important to keep a professional law firm on your side in fast-paced, widely publicized industries like sports and entertainment. Our Houston based Entertainment and Sports Law Attorneys are focused on issues that are important to you in these areas of law. They bring a wide range of expertise to engagement, whether your needs are publicized, high-profile or confidential.

Celebrities and Sports Clients

The world-renowned fame and indelible brand identity of our celebrity customers turn not only into box-office and television ratings but also to move the dial on merchandise sales and global non-profit activities. Our sports clients range from top scorers to well-known players as well as top-level coaches and executives.

Areas of Service

The areas of service we handle include but are not limited to:

  • Contract negotiation and drafting
  • Recording Entertainers & Artists
  • Sports/Entertainment Arbitration and Dispute Resolution
  • Intellectual Property matters
  • Financial transactions
  • Advice on new ventures
  • Royalties
  • NDA/Confidentiality Agreements
  • Marketing and Licensing Rights

Why do you need
a Houston Entertainment
Law Attorney?

Large companies today, such as publishing companies, film studios, and other conglomerates, frequently develop contracts that the artist does not benefit from. Unfair contracts strip you of your intellectual property rights and subsidiary rights and prohibit you from earning rightful profits gained from your talents. Unfortunately, entertainers are not protected by unions or other organizations to protect them in certain situations.

For such reasons, you need our Lawyers for Entertainment Law by your side. Our Houston Entertainment Law Lawyers will educate you of your rights and help you negotiate the best possible deal to protect you, whether you are negotiating a publishing agreement, the first contract for your first album, or preparing documentation to sign a film/advertisement.

Why do you need a Houston Sports Law Attorney?

There are generally relatively short careers for professional and semi-professional athletes. While they may have the potential to gain substantial income within a limited period, they often face significant risks of personal injury.

Professional athletes need assistance from our Sports Law Attorneys to ensure that their contracts cover them to enjoy financial peace of mind. Well-written agreements ensure that if their careers abruptly end due to an accident or other cause, athletes are not left without means of help.

On your behalf, our Houston Sports Law Attorneys negotiate to ensure that contracts with your agent include the best terms and clauses to protect you and your family.

B'Ivory LaMarr

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and Sports Attorneys

The full representation of our Houston Entertainment and Sports Law Lawyers varies from business formation and intellectual property rights protection to contract negotiation and litigation.

We remain on the cutting edge of related fields, such as Internet law and business law. We represent clients in trademark and copyright registration and protection; licensing; merchandising, contract drafting and negotiation; matters of royalty, and dispute resolution. We represent our clients in different litigations where their rights are at stake. We can manage all your problems in one place since we have numerous years of experience, and keep you organized and succeed in your career.

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