Edgecomb Avoids Mandatory Life Sentence

In a very controversial, complex, and volatile trial , Attorney LaMarr was able to convince a jury to acquit Theodore Edgecomb of both First Degree Intentional homicide, which would carry a mandatory life-sentence and Second-Degree Intentional homicide. Instead, Mr. Edgecomb was convicted of the lesser, first degree reckless homicide. Mr. Edgecomb is further expected to file an appeal on several grounds. Attorney LaMarr’s relentless efforts have gained national attention, notoriety, and praise from legal commentators from all across the country. Attorney LaMarr’s performance was a true showcase of a hard fought battle that is likely to continue well after Edgecomb’s appeal.

Even after a turbulent day of Defendant testimony, Attorney LaMarr’s zealous advocacy was put on full-display to revive his client and redirect the focus of the jurors to the key issues in the case and the burden promulgated on the State. Attorney LaMarr stated that he “knew upon taking this case that it would be hard fought, but found it tantamount to preserve and ensure that constitutional protections remain in-tact for all, regardless of race, age, or status.”