Civil rights cases are among the most potentially difficult and complicated cases.

Federal and/or state law protects the right of persons to be free from discrimination on grounds of color, sex/gender, ethnicity, nationality, color, and age.

From police violence and freedom of speech violations to racial and gender inequality, numerous civil rights abuses are taking place daily in the state of Wisconsin. Victims feel helpless, but in fact, they may have several choices for redress. As a survivor of a civil rights violation, it would be prudent to contact our Milwaukee Civil Rights Attorneys at B'Ivory LaMarr Trial Lawyers ®️.

Civil rights lawyers at B'Ivory LaMarr Trial Lawyers ®️ are committed to vigorously advocating for the civil rights or individuals throughout Wisconsin. In the civil rights cases of our clients, we work to keep the parties who have abused the civil rights responsible. If we consider your case, we will undertake an in-depth investigation and plead on your behalf and try to obtain full compensation for what you have had to suffer.

Know Your Civil Rights in Wisconsin

You have to understand what your civil rights are. Civil rights in the U.S. are important because they prevent people from being oppressed. They are people's rights to be free from discrimination and unequal treatment and to be treated fairly in various environments, including jobs, education, housing, and encounters with law enforcement, public housing, and others.

Any misuse and abuse of power are unjustified, and some of the most serious abuses are those performed by law enforcement under the jurisdiction of their office. Luckily, the U.S. Constitution has a Bill of Rights, which provides all individuals within this country protection from government wrongdoing.

The right to freedom from excessive force, the right to freedom from unjustified searches and seizures, and the right to be free from cruel and unusual punishment are basic rights covered by the law.

Civil Rights Cases we handle throughout Wisconsin

Our Milwaukee Civil Rights attorneys have represented clients for the following abuses of their civil rights:

  • Racial profiling
  • Discrimination
  • Hate crimes
  • Police misconduct
  • Police violence
  • Excessive force
  • Unlawful arrests
  • Wrongful convictions
  • Prisoner rights

Irrespective of the difficulty of your case, attorneys at our law firm will solve the problems of trying to recover compensation for you. Our lawyers have an impeccable record for the thoughtfulness of their work and understand how to pursue civil rights cases.

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Consult the Milwaukee Civil Rights Attorneys

If your civil rights are infringed, you may have the legal right to file civil rights cases against all parties responsible. The civil rights lawyers at B'Ivory LaMarr Trial Lawyers ®️ have the expertise and experience necessary to defend the victims of civil rights.

We know how to keep authorities responsible when their police officers commit abuse. Because these claims include government departments, special processes and laws also apply. In these special circumstances, it is twice as critical for a Milwaukee civil rights lawyer to have experience of civil rights and unreasonable force. Contact us today to set up a consultation.

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