The sports and entertainment attorneys at B'Ivory LaMarr Trial Lawyers ®️ are committed to serving the special legal needs of their clients in the sports and entertainment industries.

Our lawyers are familiar with the sports and entertainment sectors, and we have long-standing relations with sports and entertainment clients who deserve top-notch representation and support.

We know how the sports and entertainment industries operate. We are a team of trusted legal experts with the expertise and scope to provide advice in Atlanta and throughout Georgia. Our clients benefit from our extensive industry knowledge and experience, as well as our innovative, problem-solving, and quick-to-respond approach.

Sports Attorney

Athletes and entertainers, professional and youth sports clubs, public and private colleges, and universities, and companies involved in sports are among our clients. Contract negotiation and drafting, tax consultation, arbitration and dispute resolution, intellectual property rights, and support with investment and finance transactions are just some of the services we provide.

Our Clients include sports franchises and stadium builders, as well as publishers and broadcasters, as well as cable, cellular, and Internet service providers. We recognize the high-stakes, multimillion-dollar essence of delivering entertainment to the general public, whether in person or online.

International and local athletes' careers are often short. While they may have the potential to make a lot of money in a short period, they also run the risk of being hurt.

Professional athletes need the assistance of our Sports Law Attorneys to ensure that their contracts cover them financially. A well-written contract ensures that athletes are not left without financial protection if their careers are cut short due to injury or other circumstances.

Our Sports Law Lawyers will negotiate on your behalf to ensure that any deals you make with your agent contain the most protective conditions and clauses for you and your family.

To assist sports client we serve the following:

  • Sports facilities developments
  • Licensing, sponsorship, and marketing of team and their merchandise
  • Concrete advice during contract signings

Entertainment Attorney

Large companies today, such as publishing companies, film companies, and other conglomerates, often establish contracts that are unfavorable to artists. Unfair contracts deprive you of your intellectual property and subsidiary rights, as well as your rightful profits gained from your skills. Unfortunately, entertainers are often not protected by unions or other organizations to defend them.

That is why you need the assistance of our Entertainment Law Attorneys. Our Entertainment Law Attorneys will advise you about your rights and help you negotiate the best possible deal to protect you, whether you're signing a licensing agreement, the first contract for your first album, or paperwork to make a movie.

Our entertainment attorneys handle the following matters:

  • Intellectual property matters
  • Defamation matters
  • Privacy matters
  • Licensing and other issues relating to publishing, advertising, and working with writers and photographers in this field.

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